Digital Video and Monitoring

SmartCatch’s DigiCatch is part of the trawl-net suite of solutions. The DigiCatch Video monitoring system features a live video camera, lighting, cables, and sensors collecting data for analysis. The System is designed to be simple to install and deploy.

The product and cables are strong enough to work under the harshest conditions. The cables are installed to withstand the deep seas of the Aleutian Islands.

The live feed comes directly into the Wheel House giving the Captain and the Crew eyes in their net.


From Sea to Cloud

DigiServices helps manage and maximize the value of the video and information captured in your net with DigiCatch. DigiServices facilitates software management tools designed to improve operational transparency, quality, compliance, and efficiency. Fleet owners can remotely access relevant information.

  • – Perform analytics
  • – Fleet and vessel oversight
  • – Catch density assessments
  • – Optimize fleet deployment
  • – Fishermen can plan cost-effective tows
    based on past successful harvests.


Reduce Waste & Increase Productivity

SmartNet is a powerful tool that complements the DigiCatch, camera system. SmartNet is a pre-catch release system that allows fishermen to remotely close the cod-end of the net (retaining already caught fish), while opening escape panels in the forward part of the net, allowing unwanted fish to escape. The captain can then reverse the process – all from the wheelhouse.

Now you can increase productivity while reducing bycatch. Using DigiCatch + SmartNet fishermen can not only see whats in their nets but they can do something about it to avoid fines, bycatch and a disaster tow. SmartCatch products help fishermen both maximize their intended catch and minimize harvesting non-target species.

SmartCatch’s trawl-net solutions are the tools that the industry has been waiting for.

SmartCatch is an Inov8v Marine Group Company