DigiCatch - Digital Catch Monitoring System
Maximize Quotas · Reduce Operational Costs


Smart Seafood Technologies

SmartCatch's trawl-net solutions are pioneering technology products designed to help fishermen maximize their intended catch and minimize the harvest of non-target species. SmartCatch is a fishing technology company with products designed to perform in the harshest environment, giving fishermen more precise control over their harvest.

Fish "Cleaner" and Reduce Bycatch

Wild fish stocks are under pressure due to compliance management, changing climate and increased demand to feed the world's population. For generations, fishermen have cast their nets without knowing what they will catch until the nets are hauled back on deck. In many countries around the world fishermen are experiencing steep government fines for hauling in bycatch and out of season species, costing the fisherman money in fines and lost revenue.

SmartCatch's solutions make fishing more profitable because they help fishermen reduce bycatch, avoid fines for catching out-of-season or endangered species and lessen the risk of triggering early fisheries closure from large amounts of unintended catches. SmartCatch technologies essentially gives fishermen both eyes and hands inside of their trawl-nets.

  • Even a 2% bycatch reduction pays for this technology in one season
  • Eliminate need to do test tows, saving fuel and operational costs
  • Avoid potential fines incurred by catching too many “choke species”

"We can fish where no one else can" – Captain TJ Durnan, F/T Constellation

Fishermen Forward Design

SmartCatch products converge state-of-the-art technology with the know-how amassed by generations of fishermen, and are effective tools that support both sustainable and profitable commercial fishing. Our innovative engineering team and seafood industry leading boat captains collaborate on each product iteration to ensure that fishermen's needs are represented first and foremost in our design and development.

Tested in the harshest weather conditions, our products are as rugged and built to last as the people that use them. At SmartCatch, we don’t succeed unless our fishermen succeed.


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Digital Catch Monitoring System

DigiCatch is a real-time, remotely controllable HD video, lighting and sensor system that retrofits any trawl net easily from the 3rd wire CoAx.

DigiCatch gives fishermen live eyes inside the net, allowing the captain to react to their harvest contents to save time and fuel each tow. With a fully digital, live stream of the fish entering the net, DigiCatch enables control and visibility like never before.

More Profitable Harvest

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce time in the water
  • Better net longevity
  • Better fostering of marine resources

Maximize Quotas

  • Prevent early season closures
  • Reduce by-catch
  • Curtail penalties and fines
  • Easier regulation compliance

Retrofits ANY Trawl Net

  • HD camera and lights can be remotely rotated
  • High intensity lights are remotely dimmable
  • Deep sea down to 500 fathoms
  • WIFI from the winch to the wheelhouse



SmartNet is a pre-catch release system for fishermen to actively respond to unwanted catch in the net mid-tow.

  • Works in tandem with DigiCatch
  • Eyes and Hands in the Net
  • Dynamic management of harvest contents
  • Modules can be specified to retrofit any net
  • Current in beta development, anticipated launch in late 2018


DigiServices helps address the “data deficiencies” in commercial fishing. DigiCatch Systems capture of data at the point of harvest, organizing that data into a hyperledger format (blockchain, eCBT) in order to support supply chain traceability, stock assessments and species identification. Data gets transferred in near realtime via satellite or shore-based cellular networks (if available).

  • Perform analytics on data captured from DigiCatch system
  • Catch density assessment
  • Species Identification
  • Optimize fleet deployment
  • Collection of environmental conditions at capture depth
  • Plan cost-effective tows based on past successful harvests



The SmartCatch mission is to create innovative, durable products that support commercial fishermen. By providing sophisticated technology and tools to enable business to unparalleled success, SmartCatch is working to transform the landscape of what is possible in commercial fishing. Fishermen deserve a new industry standard, and SmartCatch is the company setting the bar.


Rob Terry

CTO / Founder

Senior Level Technology Leader at; Whole Foods, UCSF Medical, Xerox PARC, PC World, LogiGear, Silicon Graphics and Cnet.

Over two decades of comprehensive expertise in designing and building sophisticated commercial hardware and software technology products. Extensive experience in developing enterprise level eCommerce systems, information rich corporate websites, scalable content management systems, automated quality assurance testing products, digital video, recognition technologies, and high capacity information networks.

Mark Dahm


Twenty-five year history of success in Silicon Valley and International Markets in the disciplines of Business Development, Sales, Operations and Engineering Management. Established track record with Global 100 companies (Cisco, DEC) and leadership positions with four start-up companies in the Internet of Things/Mobile Location Analytics, Cloud SaaS and Mobile-Wireless Solution disciplines (Euclid Analytics, Inktomi, Vicinity, KonaWare). Mark is an accomplished lifetime mariner.

Curtis Firestone

VP Business Development and Government Relations

Curtis has extensive international market development experience in the clean-tech energy and agribusiness industries. He is passionate about entrepreneurship as a vehicle for social change, and has a proven ability to create new business models. Curtis holds an AB inInternational Relations from Brown University, and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Mngt. Curtis is also fluent in Spanish.

Dr. Juergen Jung

VP Engineering

Juergen has had a twenty year career in the scientific research, development and implementation of micro optics, electronics, and robotic mechanisms for life sciences and optical physics. He holds multiple patents, publications and award winning implementations in academics and industry. Juergen holds an MS EE from the University of Stuttgart, and a Cambridge PhD.

Vinit Tambekar

Software Engineering Manager

Vinit recently completed a Master’s in computer science from University of Massachusetts - Boston. He has prior work experience in android development working as a software engineer for White Solution Pvt. Ltd. Highlighted projects include ‘Play – Android Music Player’ and ‘CatchCam – Digital Fish Monitoring System’ which involved design development and testing of Android and Java applications. Responsibilities included design and development of UI, database, structure of application and testing framework.

Captain T J Durnan

Director - Off-Shore Development

25 year veteran of Alaska's Bering Sea trawl fisheries and captain of a 170' freezer trawler. TJ is at the forefront of many sustainable initiatives and he brings extensive hands-on experience with the challenges presented in rugged offshore environments. His vessel is one of the primary testing platforms for DigiCatch.

Louis Schueller

Design Engineering Manager

Louis is a mechanical design engineer with experience in design, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing of electronics-integrated components. Louis is interested in using innovative and creative design to help create products that benefit the world.

Taylor McCann

Senior Marketing Innovation Manager

Taylor McCann is an experienced startup marketing professional driven by provocative storytelling and beautiful design. She is a 2014 Stanford International Relations graduate, NCAA National Champion, and PADI diver. She is passionate about ocean sustainability and creating delightful user experiences.


Ana Pitchon, Ph.D.

Fisheries Anthropologist

Fisheries and marine policy expert and ethnographic liaison to fishing partners, fisheries managers and industry. Twenty years of applied research and projects in academia and with U.S., South American and European governments focused on fisheries policy, aquaculture and coastal community development. Specializations include product and market development, innovations in sustainable seafood and the intersection of technology in human ecosystems.

Captain Mike Retherford

Trawler Fleet Owner, F/V Excalibur, F/V Winona J

West Coast Fishery expert based out of Newport, Oregon. Fishing Captain from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove. Built a legacy family fishing business over the last 34 years. Regarded internationally as a thought leader and technology pioneer in sustainable fishing. The Excalibur serves as an NOAA research ship.

Michael Gittelsohn

Software Development

Software Engineer, comprehensive expertise developing high-end software applications and backend databases analysis and design.

Corey Peet

Key Technical Advisor - Science and Policy

Conservation research with deep experience working with government, industry, NGOs, and First Nations. Specialties: Scientific research, multi-stakeholder negotiation, media communications, community outreach, and project management.

Bill Kirkwood

Key Technical Advisor - SubSea Equipment:

Senior Research and Development Engineer at MBARI, (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute). Expert in electromechanical and sub-sea equipment design and fabrication.

Sara Skamser

Key Technical Advisor - Fishing Nets:

Owner, 'Foulweather Trawl', Newport Oregon, premier fishing net and diverter company - expert in trawl-net diverters and industrial fishing nets.

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