DigiCatch - Digital Catch Monitoring System
Maximize Quotas · Reduce Operational Costs

Smart Seafood Technologies


SmartCatch's trawl-net soultions are cost-effective productivity products that help fishermen both maximize their intended catch and minimize harvesting non-target by-catch species.

SmartCatch products couple state-of-the-art technologies with the know-how amassed by generations of fishermen and are effective tools that support both sustainable and profitable commercial fishing.


By-Catch is Waste

For generations, fishermen have cast their nets without knowing what they will catch until the nets are hauled back on deck. A harvest may contain a lot of unintended non-target species, in other words, by-catch. At best, by-catch is time consuming and yields no profit. At worst, by-catch can actually cost the fisherman money in fines and lost revenue.

Reduce Waste and Increase Profitability

SmartCatch's solutions make fishing more profitable because they help fishermen reduce by-catch, avoid fines for catching out-of-season or endangered species and lessen the risk of triggering early fisheries closure from large amounts of unintended catches. SmartCatch technologies essentially gives fishermen both eyes and hands inside of their trawl-nets


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Digital Catch Monitoring System

DigiCatch is a real-time remotely controllable HD video, lighting and sensor system that gives you eyes inside your net and allows you to virtually see in the dark in order to monitor your trawl.

With restrictive quotas, rising costs and shrinking profit margins, to be profitable it is essential for you to stay in control of your catch. Take the guesswork out of your tow and achieve new levels of control over your fishing gear. DigiCatch will help you to increase your efficiency, avoid by-catch and optimize your harvest.

More Profitable Harvest

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce time in the water
  • Better net longevity
  • Better fostering of marine resources

Maximize Quotas

  • Prevent early season closures
  • Reduce by-catch
  • Curtail penalties and fines
  • Easier regulation compliance

Retrofits ANY Trawl Net

  • HD camera and lights can be remotely rotated
  • High intensity lights are remotely dimmable
  • Deep sea down to 500 fathoms
  • WIFI from the winch to the wheelhouse



a pre-catch release system for trawl-net fishermen

  • Used in conjunction with DigiCatch
  • Gives fishermen both eyes and hands inside their nets
  • Allows fishermen to dynamically manage the content of their harvest
  • Modules can be ordered and specified to retrofit almost any existing trawl-net
  • Currently in beta development and is preparing to launch in early 2016


a centralized data hub with hosting solutions for fishermen

DigiCatch generates data about a catch that can be relayed securely to a data cloud.
Fleet owners can remotely access relavant information in order to:

  • Perform analytics
  • Fleet and vessel oversight
  • Catch density assessments
  • Optimize fleet deployment
  • Fishermen can plan cost-effective tows based on past successful harvests.




SmartCatch is focused on creating innovative products that support sustainable commercial fishing. SmartCatch is committed to developing innovative, cost-effective products designed to help fishermen increase their profitability and lighten their ecological impact.


Rob Terry

CTO / Founder

Senior Level Technology Leader at; Whole Foods, UCSF Medical, Xerox PARC, PC World, LogiGear, Silicon Graphics and Cnet.

Over two decades of comprehensive expertise in designing and building sophisticated commercial hardware and software technology products. Extensive experience in developing enterprise level eCommerce systems, information rich corporate websites, scalable content management systems, automated quality assurance testing products, digital video, recognition technologies, and high capacity information networks.

Mark Dahm

CEO – Business Development

Twenty-five year history of success in Silicon Valley and International Markets in the disciplines of Business Development, Sales, Operations and Engineering Management. Established track record with Global 100 companies (Cisco, DEC) and leadership positions with four start-up companies in the Internet of Things/Mobile Location Analytics, Cloud SaaS and Mobile-Wireless Solution disciplines (Euclid Analytics, Inktomi, Vicinity, KonaWare). Mark is an accomplished lifetime mariner.

Captain TJ Durnan

Director - Off-Shore Development

25 year veteran of Alaska's Bering Sea trawl fisheries and captain of a 170' freezer trawler. TJ is at the forefront of many sustainability initiatives and he brings extensive hands on experience with the challenges presented in rugged offshore environments. His vessel is one of the primary testing platforms for DigiCatch.

Michael Gittelsohn

Software Development

Software Engineer, comprehensive expertise developing high-end software applications and backend databases analysis and design.

Corey Peet

Key Technical Advisor - Science and Policy

Conservation research with deep experience working with government, industry, NGOs, and First Nations. Specialties: Scientific research, multi-stakeholder negotiation, media communications, community outreach, and project management.

Bill Kirkwood

Key Technical Advisor - SubSea Equipment:

Senior Research and Development Engineer at MBARI, (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute). Expert in electromechanical and sub-sea equipment design and fabrication.

Sara Skamser

Key Technical Advisor - Fishing Nets:

Owner, 'Foulweather Trawl', Newport Oregon, premier fishing net and diverter company - expert in trawl-net diverters and industrial fishing nets.

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